Members Sheep RFID Workshop

Following the recent Victorian government decision to mandate sheep RFID from 1st January 2017 ALSA will be conducting a members workshop to consider the process and in particular the reply to the consultation phase. This workshop will include industry service providers and government to provide added input and to consider technical options for saleyards. (more…)

New name for LSAV

At the recent LSAV AGM in Melbourne it was unanimously agreed to change the name of the organization to Australian Livestock Saleyards Association (ALSA). This change of name reflected the broader geographic membership base which includes saleyards from NSW and South Australia.

The LSAV articles were altered 2 years ago to allow non Victorian saleyards to be full members and this name change finalises the chnages to our organizations scope. (more…)

Paul to Nepal

We are pleased to announce that Paul Christopher the Horsham saleyard manager has received funding from the wool industry to attend a FMD visit to Nepal in November. This will be a great opportunity to see FMD in a live situation and obtain knowledge hopefully that will never be required in Australia. Paul is the first saleyard manager to attend this course and we congratulate him on his succesful application. Paul will be passing on his experiences at the summer ALSA workshop. (more…)

Industry Workshops

LSAV and members will be attending two industry workshops being conducted by Agriculture Victoria addressing biosecurity issues for the animal industries.

1. Operation Telemachus – June 20

Covering the use of stock standstill materials in the case of an exotic disease outbreak.

2. Biosecurity Workshop – June 23

Workshop on current industry bio security arrangements and possible enhancements. (more…)

New Saleyard OH&S Package Released

LSAV is pleased to announce the release of an updated saleyard OH&S package. This release reflects changes in national law related to OH&S and has been designed to provide a national package suitable for all states.

The previous package was released by LSAA in 2007. LSAV has taken over the management of this package and has funded the production of this latest version.

The package is available to all Australian saleyards.

For more information please contact Mark McDonald on 0422 312607.

Letter OHS Package 2015 v2